How to control your dream

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I believe that all of you've had dreams. Do you feel that when we are in a dream, it is difficult for us to realize that we are in a dream, and we seem to can't control it. So do you fantasize about controlling your dreams like the movie Inception? The first thing you need to do to control your dreams is to know that you are in a dream, also known as a "living dream", and to increase your chances of having a living dream, you can set an alarm for six hours which will ring before you fall asleep, remember the dream immediately after being awakened by the alarm, and wait half an hour before you fall asleep (but don't use your phone or anything like that at this peirod). Falling asleep requires you to recall the dream or make up the dream you want. The rest of the dream is under your control. Of course, this method is not 100% useful. The theory is that the human sleep cycle stabilizes after about 6 hours during Rapid Eye Movement, which is when people tend to dream. Waking up at this time and actively constructing the dream in the mind can help reconstruct the dream after falling asleep.